Board of Trustees

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BCRS is led by a 5 Member Board of Trustees made up of the County Treasurer, who shall serve as the ex officio member and Chairman, 2 members elected by the active and retired members, an appointed member by the County Commissioners, and an appointed member by the unit member treasurers.

The members of the Board are:


Ex Officio Member:  Bristol County Treasurer, Christopher T. Saunders, Esq., Chairman  
Advisory Council Elected Member:  Christine N. DeFontes, Treasurer, Town of Seekonk  
Appointed Member:  John T. Saunders, County Commissioners  
Elected Trustee:  William M. Downey, Retired Captain, Easton Fire Department  
Elected Trustee:  Stephen J. Rivard, Retired Fire Chief, Somerset Fire Department