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Records Access Officer

Pursuant to Chapter 121 of the Act of 2016, An Act to Improve Public Records, every Retirement Board must appoint a Records Access Officer to coordinate responses to public records requests.

You may make a public record request with the Record’s Access Officer in person, or by written request, or by telephone, email or fax. A request for public records should include a reasonable description of specific records being requested, including a time period, if applicable. Under some circumstances the Bristol County Retirement System may assess a reasonable fee for the production of public records. You may also find many commonly requested documents on the retirement website, such as Agendas and Meeting Minutes of the Board. Also, the Reports tab contains links to Annual Audits, Annual Statements, Monthly Expenditures and Budgets, Supplemental Regulations and Policies of the retirement system, Valuation Studies and other commonly requested documents.

The Records Access Officer of the Bristol County Retirement System is:

Roxanne L. Donovan
Executive Director
Bristol County Retirement System
645 County Street, Unit 5
Taunton, MA 02780
Telephone: 508-824-4029
Fax: 508-880-8749

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